"The business phone services from Voice Carrier are affordable, reliable
and a great choice for businesses looking to upgrade their phone systems."
- Editors at Voip-Info.org

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Voice Carrier
How We Are Different
Voice Carrier - state-of-the-art VoIP phone service, and old-fashioned customer service

Voice Carrier has built the best telephone system on planet Earth. Unlike most other VoIP systems offered to small and medium businesses, we provide a true business phone system. Customers can select the system that fits their business needs, based on their number of employees, and how many phones they need.

Most other hosted system providers want to charge for every phone on your system. Some do this by charging a set price for every phone, such as $24.99 per user. We charge for the number of lines out - a number you can choose based on the number of people in your company who are going to be on the phone at any one given time, and that is it. Our system also allows the customer to have as many phone numbers as they would like, and this is independent of the number of lines they need to make calls.

At Voice Carrier, we like to keep it simple for our customers. We charge you for the amount of lines you need to run your business, and give you the phone system for FREE. The only up-front cost is for hardware - new digital desk phones (if needed) and connectors for existing equipment. If a business would rather rent the phones we can provide them for a a monthly fee. This allows companies to have a very small up front cost compared to other systems.

We do all of this in a very simple fee format, including flat rate pricing for unlimited calling plans. There is no need to figure out how many long distance minute you need: we provide all the calling you want to make for one simple fee.