"The business phone services from Voice Carrier are affordable, reliable
and a great choice for businesses looking to upgrade their phone systems."
- Editors at Voip-Info.org

Toll Free:  1-855-456-VOIP
Direct:      1-650-376-1200

Voice Carrier
A phone system that will grow as your business grows

The Voice Carrier system is extremely scalable for all customers, but we focus on small to medium businesses. Our phone services can be started with as little as three phones and grow up to 750 phones, with no changes at the customer site, and no additional requirements except to ensure there are enough outgoing / incoming lines for all of the calls to operate. Additional lines can be ordered with one phone call to Voice Carrier, or they can be ordered on-line. In addition, customers can have as many phone numbers as they like, independent from the number of lines they need to make calls. A business can have more phone numbers pointing to their business than phones on the system, and still only pay Voice Carrier for the amount of lines needed for calling.

As the customer grows, the Voice Carrier system will scale. Since our system is online, in the Internet cloud, there is no need for any equipment on the customer site other than a phone.  A business can have as many sites as it needs; we have eliminated the need for phone numbers and lines to be associated. A company only needs to get the number of lines necessary to handle all of the calls that would take place simultaneously on the system. We can provide all the company sites with local phone numbers, without additional line charges. Locations can be added to the system in a matter of days, from the time of order to the time the employee's phone is ringing.

In addition to the ability to provide up to 750 phones on one system, Voice Carrier can blend multiple systems together to allow for very large installations.  This is not a focus of the company, but has been built in -we did this so our customers could work on their own business and growth, and not have to worry about needing to upgrade or buy a new system because they outgrew the last system they purchased. With Voice Carrier, you never have to worry about your phone system again.