"The business phone services from Voice Carrier are affordable, reliable
and a great choice for businesses looking to upgrade their phone systems."
- Editors at Voip-Info.org

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Voice Carrier
Cost Effective
The lowest cost, without low-quality service

We at Voice Carrier take our pricing and service very seriously - it is our goal to be the lowest overall cost solution for business telephone services, without sacrificing features and functions. According to our research, we currently have the lowest overall cost for all of the features we offer, and in most cases offer the lowest cost compared to what other providers consider to be basic services.  Most other VoIP companies have a tiered service model; if a business wants advanced features they have to pay more.

We decided early on that we were going to be the “Simple Business VoIP Company.” We created a flat rate model for pricing, and offer all of our features to everyone for one simple price. There are really only two things you need to know to identify your Voice Carrier system needs: how many phones you need for your business, and how many people will be using the phone system.

The largest up front cost to a business when buying phone service is the cost of the phones. At Voice Carrier, we decided to eliminate as much of this as possible for our customers, and not mark up the phones we sell (like our competitors do). We offer a range of phones, from very frugal to first class, to ensure that everyone can be served. Voice Carrier went through extensive testing with all major phone vendors to provide cost effective solutions no matter what your needs are. All of the phones we offer provide very high quality audio. Even our low-cost phones come with HD-Audio. Voice Carrier went through extensive testing with a lot of phone vendors, to be able to offer a low cost solution that provides very high quality to our customers. In addition to keeping down the purchase price of our phones, Voice Carrier will rent business phones if a customer prefers to elect this method.

We believe in our service and pricing so much that we do not require our customers to sign a contract or have any required term for any agreement. We can usually get a business up and running in less than a week from placing an order. If your business needs something faster, we can certainly expedite the process, and have gotten customers up and running in a matter of days. This is all done with no additional charges.