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Virtual Phone Systems

Thinking of upgrading that outdated phone system? Then you need to consider the numerous benefits of a business VoIP system from Voice Carrier.

Voice Carrier implements state-of-the-art cloud-based technology, bringing the power, convenience and affordability of Internet telephony to your business. You’ll enjoy next-generation telephone service without having to replace your existing phones.

VoIP phone systems are an excellent choice for stable businesses that place a premium on reliability, as well as expanding enterprises that want a phone system able to easily grow with them.

A Scalable Business Phone System

A business VoIP phone system works well with businesses containing as few as three phones or as many as 750. As your business grows and continues to add phones, the system’s Internet-based functionality means the only necessary change to handle the increasing call volume is the possible addition of phone lines.

You won’t have to spring for extra equipment or hardware. You can also have as many separate phone numbers for your business as you need. The VoIP system’s flexibility makes it an ideal choice for businesses featuring multiple locations or consisting of employees who work remotely.

VoIP Business Phone Systems Offer Maximum Affordability

Understandably, a primary concern with any phone system is its cost. Here’s how a VoIP system can help you minimize costs while positively impacting your company’s bottom line:

  • One low monthly flat-rate fee
  • Unique and flexible pricing plans to fit any business budget
  • Total system upgrade that improves quality without the expense of brand-new phones
  • Low-cost, high-quality IP phones should you need them
  • No burdensome taxes, fees or hidden charges
  • Up to 70% savings compared to your current monthly phone expenses
  • Full return on your original investment typically within 60 days

Enjoy Maximum Ease of Use

VoIP phone systems are easy to install and even easier to use. Your employees can quickly customize their phone features without the need for extensive training, IT involvement or tech support. You can also drop or add features as you go, and integrate voice with other valuable features such as fax, Instant Messaging, email and video.

Experience the Future of Business Phone System Technology

There’s no doubt that virtual phone systems are the future of telephone technology. Contact Voice Carrier today to discover how a business VoIP phone system can help your business continue to grow for years to come. Learn more about Voice Carrier's hosted VoIP phone system.




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